Rail Interior Decoration Bonding

Polyurethane adhesive for rail interior decoration bonding

Code: K102 series

Main solid ratio 100:25

Gluing process: manual squeegee/machine glue/machine roll glue

Packing: 25 KG/barrel 1500 KG/plastic drum

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Youxing Shark focuses on the innovative application of high-speed rail interior decoration material bonding technology, and applies indoor aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum square pass, metal stretched mesh, galvanized steel plate, aluminum grille, aluminum ceiling, etc. for high-speed rail interior decoration. There are unique technical researches on the material characteristics and composite bonding process of building materials. The high-strength and high weather-resistant polyurethane sealant of the shark can meet the high standard requirements of the above-mentioned composite bonding of various materials, and ensure the long-term adhesion of the high-speed rail interior decoration materials. Connect and seal. Honeycomb panel is a plate made of two thinner panels firmly bonded on both sides of a thicker honeycomb core material, also known as honeycomb sandwich structure. In addition, the honeycomb panel also refers to a panel that welds a large number of cut-off waveguides together to form a cut-off waveguide array to form a large opening area and at the same time prevent electromagnetic wave leakage.


Rail interior board



Rail interior board

Apply for

rail interior decoration bonding

Surface material

alloy aluminum plate, aluminum plate and other metal plates

Core material

aluminum honeycomb, aluminum corrugated and other core materials

Honeycomb panels are divided into functions: buffer honeycomb panels and packaging honeycomb panels. Because of its special structure, it can improve the compressive strength, and the paper honeycomb panel can reduce the cost. The aperture of the honeycomb panel is generally divided into 8mm, 16mm, 32mm size, and the paper honeycomb panel weighs 280 grams per square meter. Paper honeycomb panels can be used to make all kinds of pallets, cushions, packaging boards, packaging boxes, etc. Paper honeycomb panel is a new type of green packaging material that has emerged in developed countries to save resources, protect the ecological environment, and have a low cost. It has many advantages such as lightness, strength, stability, heat preservation, heat insulation, and shock resistance. In terms of volume, it is as small as 0.4 cubic meters and as large as 6 cubic meters. The load is 1 kg light and 2500 kg heavy.

Product Features


Room temperature curing

It can be cured at room temperature and is easy to operate. The quality meets the GB/T7124-2008 standard and the GB/T 1457-2005 sandwich structure drum peeling standard.


Strong adhesion

The cohesive strength of the adhesive layer and the adhesive strength between the adhesive layer and the bonded surface are high. It can ensure that the plates will not crack after bonding, and the tensile strength is ≥6Mpa (aluminum plate is bonded to aluminum plate).


Good thixotropy

Under agitation, the viscosity of the glue drops rapidly, which is convenient for painting; when it is stopped, the viscosity of the glue increases immediately and will not flow randomly. 


High bonding strength

It can ensure that the plates will not crack after being bonded, and the tensile strength is ≥6Mpa (aluminum plate is bonded to aluminum plate)

Operation Specification

STEP 01 The surface of substrate should be flat and clean.

Flatness standard: +0.1mm surface must be clean, oil-free, dry and water-free.

STEP 02 The ratio of adhesive is critical.

The supporting roles of the main agent (off-white) and curing agent (dark brown) are executed in corresponding proportions, such as 100:25, 100:20

STEP 03 Stir the glue evenly

After mixing the main agent and the curing agent, stir evenly quickly, and use a stirrer to repeatedly pick up the gel 3-5 times without silky brown liquid. The mixed glue will be used up within 20 minutes in summer and 35 minutes in winter

STEP 04 Standard of the amount

(1) 200-350 grams (materials with smooth interlayer: such as inorganic boards, foam boards, etc.)

(2) 300-500 grams for delivery (materials with interlayer porous: such as rock wool, honeycomb and other materials)

STEP 05 Sufficient pressurization time

The glued board should be compounded within 5-8 minutes and pressurized within 40-60 minutes. The pressurization time is 4-6 hours in summer and 6-10 hours in winter. Before the pressure is relieved, the adhesive should be basically cured

STEP 06 Sufficient compression strength

Pressure requirement: 80-150kg/m², the pressure must be balanced.

STEP 07 Set aside for a while after decompression

The curing temperature is above 20℃, and it can be processed lightly after 24 hours, and can be processed deeply after 72 hours.

STEP 08 Gluing equipment should be washed frequently

After the glue is used up every day, please clean it with dichloromethane, acetone, thinner and other solvents to avoid clogging of the glued teeth and affect the amount of glue and the uniformity of the glue.

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